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In 1982, Barry H. Teasley M.D., and Terry Forrest, M.D., had a vision for the community.

They developed Waynesborough Ophthalmology to create a practice that emphasized patient-centered, quality, comprehensive eye care. 

We understand that sight is, in many ways, the building block upon which we create our world. Almost everything in your life is processed through the amazing gift of vision. This is why we feel an intense responsibility to help members of our community to ensure that their eyes are healthy.

In 2017, we expanded our practice to include a satellite location in Smithfield, NC.

Dr. Teasley retired in 2020 and Dr. Forrest retired in 2021, but they left a dedicated, experienced staff of professionals ready to help patients. Our staff includes:

  • One anterior segment surgeons
  • One neuro-ophthalmologist
  • Three physician assistants
  • One licensed optician
  • Nearly thirty trained technical and administrative staff

Whether you require cataract surgery or you just need to update your contact lens prescription, we see you as an individual and tailor our treatment plans to fit your specific situation.

We’re also experts at diagnosing and treating a variety of eye diseases, and our advanced technology means we can perform premium intraocular lens implant surgeries as well as other complicated procedures.

In addition, our neuro-ophthalmologist covers a wide specialty that is concerned with visual symptoms resulting from brain and nervous system diseases, as well as performing specialized eyelid and extraocular muscle surgeries.

We realize that few things are as precious as your vision. We can help you maintain it through our dedicated staff of compassionate professionals.

Quality care is in sight, so discover what makes Waynesborough Ophthalmology special by scheduling an appointment today.